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“As a full time grad student of acupuncture and working, I was getting burned out and exhausting myself. I heard neurofeedback could increase memory and reduce anxiety on a podcast while driving to school. Within hours I was in Maryna’s office on a consultation.

Sessions with Maryna are the best thing I’ve done for my education. I have suffered with ADD and ADHD undiagnosed and had such difficulty focusing for any length of time. My anxiety, and concentration improved immediately, (within a week) and I’ve been working with Dr Maryna Yudina for over 8 months. I enjoy now sitting for hours studying with over 60% more retention. I’m excited to finish my acupuncture degree enjoying the focus I’d only dreamed of thanks to Dr Yudina thorough personalized sessions. Whew, just in time for grad exams and boards.”

“Doing neurofeedback with Maryna has profoundly changed my life for the better.
I had worked at a highly stressful job over the past year – the stress of it made me feel incompetent and exacerbated my overthinking and anxiety. A few months into the job I realized I was constantly on edge and often in a depressed mood. Luckily I had heard about the healing properties of neurofeedback around that time and found Maryna. Through my QEEG analysis, I learned that my brain left untreated was at high risk for anxiety, depression and potentially psychosis.

Now after a few months of treatment, I can safely say that the tense, stifling feeling of anxiety has disappeared from my life. Life is simply much easier to handle. Situations that previously would have felt stressful to the point of immobilizing are now much more manageable. I worry less and feel comfortable stepping out of old habits. My mind is much clearer and I can focus on the task at hand better than ever.

I am truly grateful for Maryna’s work. I feel very lucky to have her help and resources to improve my decision making, focus, and memory, as well as help me feel much happier in life!”
Emma W.

“My experience with Maryna was life changing. I suffer from ptsd and depression. I almost immediately felt a difference after just one week of sessions. I’ve been in therapy my entire life and nothing has assisted me like this. It has helped me release from a deadly and toxic relationship as well as heal and not have those panic attacks in between. I can’t wait to go back for more and will be a lifelong client of Maryna! I am forever grateful!!!”
Kate W.

“I’ve been taking my 7 year old son here for a little over 7 months. When we first started coming my son was so locked up he couldn’t share his thoughts or feeling verbally. He would just say no and throw a fit until we would leave the environment that he did not want to be in. He was and still is struggles with phonic recognition, however with the work we’ve doing weekly with Maryna here are some of the changes that have occurred over the past few months.

The first thing was my son was able to share something that was bothering him deeply in class. So deeply that he cried as he shared his fear with me. My son is not a crier by any means. In fact, if he fell and scrapped his knee, he’d brush it off, get up and start playing again. So it was a clue in for me that he was serious about this fear. It was the first time he shared something he really wanted to happen and was scared he wasn’t going to get to do it.

Once he expressed his fear, I was able to address it with him and the teacher. It was a small break through. Then each week since then he began to share more things with me and other grown-ups in his life. He was able to transition from his classroom to resource room and begin working with the resource lady, the tutor and counselor on his learning challenges.

His ability to focus on task, ask for help and share in class has improved immensely! When he has challenges we are able to talk it out more. We look for strategies together.

We started playing tennis and he’s ability to focus and take direction from the coach is making him into an enthusiastic player who has a mean backhand and a killer serve.

I strongly believe my son’s improvement from being super shy and shut down in group environments to emerging into a social butterfly who participates to the best of his abilities in group settings, as well as, one on one with his tutor and coach is greatly due to the work Maryna has been doing with him.

Maryna has been an angel of change that works in ways that I do not fully understand, but I can see the positive changes with my son. His life has become richer because of the work they have been doing the past few months.

It really is amazing. And I have stop pulling my hair out from him almost constantly saying no to pretty much everything.

Thank you Maryna for opening my son up to his potential!”
Grace C.

“Dr. Maryna is a wonderfully talented physician and has been a great blessing in my life. I’ve long dealed with anxiety, but the last few years, it became debilitating preventing me from living my life fully. I stopped doing many of the things I previously enjoyed. Dr. Maryna mapped my brain and thoroughly explained how it was processing and why I was experiencing debilitating symptoms. I noticed a shift after only a few sessions and continue to improve with each coming week. I’m starting to engage again in some of the activities that previously bothered me (as another reviewer mentioned, cars were a big source of fear). I’m thrilled by the progress I’ve made thus far and am very excited for the future! Also, Dr. Maryna is professional, knwoledgable and kind. I look forward to our visits and sharing my progress with her. I can’t recommend her enough! Her work is truly unique and life-altering.”
Caroline M.

“Maryna is great at what she does! Highly recommended for NF and consultation. Her work helped reduce performance anxiety and increased my ability to focus.”
cyrus r.

“If you have never experienced anxiety and panic attacks, it is hard to explain how debilitating they can be. My biggest problem was an inability to ride in a car without panicking and feeling as if the car would crash. Paired with this, my brain was constantly on a “loop” of negative and scary thoughts, particularly in my sleep.

I went to see Maryna and she explained the neurofeedback process to me. Past trauma, both physical and mental, contributed to the way my mind was working.

After a few sessions I was able to ride in a car without fear, and am now well on my way to suggesting a road trip…

I am sleeping well. When a negative thought comes into my mind, I am able to observe it and let it go. I cannot adequately describe the difference this has made in my life.

By the way, Maryna is a wonderful person and really cares about her clients.

I wish I had done this years ago. I highly recommend Pacific Neurocenter to anyone with anxiety-related issues.”
Toni B.

“My Doctor recommended Dr. Yudina.

I had 2 head injuries 25 years ago that affected me. I’ve had anger issues for many years that I could not control.

If I got upset it would take me a few hours to “get over” it. After Dr.Yudina’s treatments I am able to control my anger & cope much better. Instead of staying mad for hours the anger lasts for 5-10 minutes & then it just goes away.

My boyfriend wanted me to continue with a 2nd packet because I am much more pleasant to be around. 🙂

Also, my boyfriend had a cardiac arrest & I started having panic/ anxiety attacks.

I kept re-living the trauma of watching him in distress & giving him CPR.

Dr.Yudina said to come in for the anxiety attacks. After one treatment I was able to detach from the event to stay in the present moment & take care of business.

Dr.Yudina also said any brain trauma my boyfriend has her treatments will help with his future rehabilitation.

Dr.Yudina will taylor your specific needs.

I highly recommend Dr.Yudina’s treatments. One of the best investments I’ve ever made.”
Dura Y.

“I went to see Maryna for headaches. I’ve gone twice so far and my headaches have gone down drastically from a 10 to a 1. I was skeptical at first but am very impressed. Highly recommend for people who are stressed and get tension headaches. Can’t wait for my next session.”
Tim D.

“I had problems with stress and anxiety besides lack of sleep. After I started taking neurofeedback my life started changing for the better. Thanks to Doctor Yudina’s therapy my brain learned to assort things in properly and I feel more confident and relaxed in every way. I highly recommend her with this magnificent non invasive therapy.”
Genaro C.

“I know what aging is doing to my 63 year old brain so I reached out to Dr. Maryna Yudina for advice. Neurofeedback has come a long, long way and the science of it makes a lot of sense. Turns out Maryna is on the cutting edge of this technology as a healing tool so I’ve started my sessions.

Subtle changes were noticeable within a few weeks and continue to develop in ways I am surprised to experience. Quieting my brain and getting a really good night’s sleep was unexpected and VERY welcome. I no longer need a few glasses of wine to relax. I now easily drift into deep and relaxing sleep.

My biggest noticeable improvement is in my concentration and memory. Thriving in my career was important in today’s competitive economy and I feel so much more confidant.

Thank you Maryna, Greg”
Greg D.

“Maryna is amazing !!!! After just one session with her, I felt like my head did some kind of brain yoga; it felt ethereal and euphoric right away. The day after I had one of the best, most energized and calm days ever. This stuff truly is amazing and I would recommend it to anyone; even people like me who don’t think they can benefit or need this; everyone can!! Love Maryna and the cool magic she does on your brain in such a gentle and loving way. I’ll be back soon!”

Rivkie B., HealthCoach

“Dr. Maryna Yudina is a gifted clinician. She has a unique ability to connect with her clients. Dr. Maryna not only provides neurofeedback that is tailored specifically to the individual she is treating, but she also acts as a counselor/therapist/life coach which fortifies her treatment plans, thereby providing significant improvements in her patients’ lives. She has helped me immensely, and I highly recommend Dr. Maryna!!”

Amanda P.

“Maryna is an incredible person with a profound gift as a neurofeedback clinician! She is kind, communicative, and discerning – which makes her practice ideal for anyone who is seeking change in their body/mind/emotions!

I first came to Maryna July of 2016 for anxiety, chronic pain, and depression. After the very first session she asked me how my anxiety was and it was not present at all! I have always had at least a low grade level of anxiety at all times throughout most of my life, and for the first time it wasn’t there…I was so grateful. Of course, this wasn’t a one time fix, it took several months of brain training before my brain held onto the new programming and didn’t slip back into anxiety over the course of a few days. However, over these last 8 months of working together I no longer suffer from anxiety, severe depression, and fatigue. I may get nervous, sad, and tired still but they are now feelings that can come and go with my attention to self care – no longer insurmountable wellsprings that overwhelm me into a puddle. Read more

Marissa M.

“I had the opportunity to learn about neurofeedback last year. I hold a very stressful job and I had problems relaxing and often I felt sort of depressed. I would be pacing around and it was hard to be still standing holding a conversation with people also used my hand to much to express myself. My experience was fascinating when I took my first session of neurofeedback. I felt like a big load was off my shoulders an gradually started felling better about everything including myself as I continued more sessions. The experience of Dr. Yudina and her dedication gave the confidence to continue neurofeedback.”

Genaro C.

“I want to thank Pacific Neurocenter wholeheartedly. Dr. Maryna is an amazing person who is genuinely interested in helping patients. She has been helping me with recovery and it has been phenomenal. I highly recommend neurofeedback and especially the method used at pacific Neurocenter. For patients reading this:Know that you are in good hands and on the way to recovery! Thank you, Pacific Neurocenter and Dr. Maryna!”

Kathy H.

“Neurofeedback has greatly enhanced my life. My service in the military and my tours to Iraq and Africa left me with deep emotional scars. I turned to Alcohol as a way to self medicate and my life began to spiral out of control. I meet Mrs. Maryna Yudina, a NF Provider at Salvation Army’s Neurofeedback clinic in the summer of 2016 shortly after completing rehab. She was great. She sat me down in a nice big comfortable chair and she explained the process. Then when I was ready she placed the electrodes on my head and started the video. I liked Neurofeedback immediately. It was very relaxing, but also entertaining. I would walk out of each session with a huge smile on my face. Read more

Mary W.

“My son started Neurofeedback in Sept. 2016 and it was the best decision my husband and I have ever made. He had ASD and ADHD and has problems academically and socially. We had him on medication for 2 years with no real success. We have had him in ABA therapy for over a year and a half as well, receiving daily behavior therapy. We finally decided to try Neurofeedback. We have done over 30 sessions and I have seen my son “wake up”. He’s more aware of his surroundings, he has better control over his body and can remain controlled and calm much better than ever before. Read more

Candace F.