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Providing services in English, Russian, and Ukrainian


Maryna Yudina

BSN, RN, MS, MD (Ukr)

Maryna Yudina is the founder of the Pacific Neurocenter. She has been working in neurofeedback and health care fields for over 15 years. She received her MD from Odessa National Medical University, one of the leading medical universities in Ukraine.

She transitioned into neurofeedback after seeing the transformative effect it had on her clients suffering from PTSD, ADHD, addictions and depression. The natural quality of the program, using the body’s own signals to cue its behavior and encourage self-regulation, was very appealing and prompted her to train at the EEG Institute using the Othmer Method, where Maryna continues her professional development to this day. She also works with veterans who have severe PTSD through the non-profit Homecoming for Veterans as well as in the Haven Shelter and New Directions Clinic.

Maryna’s practice here at the Pacific Neurocenter focuses on combining life coaching, ILF Cygnet Neurofeedback with EEG-guided neurofeedback in order to assess and treat a variety of different health concerns. Her experience with proactive principals has allowed her to be able to be a leader in team-oriented professional goals, activities and studies. She values the skills and ability to communicate and lead goal-oriented research studies to completion.

Maryna has recently partnered with David Kaiser, one of the leading QEEG brain mapping clinicians in the country, to offer a full analytical assessment of the brain and help provide a comprehensive neurofeedback protocol for each individual. Moreover, Dr.Yudina has recently been exploring the potential of VR brain training for successful people. This cutting-edge technology could be the future of neurofeedback and Maryna is eager to help her clients benefit from it.