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“Maryna is amazing !!!! After just one session with her, I felt like my head did some kind of brain yoga; it felt ethereal and euphoric right away. The day after I had one of the best, most energized and calm days ever. This stuff truly is amazing and I would recommend it to anyone; even people like me who don’t think they can benefit or need this; everyone can!! Love Maryna and the cool magic she does on your brain in such a gentle and loving way. I’ll be back soon!”

Rivkie B., HealthCoach

“Dr. Maryna Yudina is a gifted clinician. She has a unique ability to connect with her clients. Dr. Maryna not only provides neurofeedback that is tailored specifically to the individual she is treating, but she also acts as a counselor/therapist/life coach which fortifies her treatment plans, thereby providing significant improvements in her patients’ lives. She has helped me immensely, and I highly recommend Dr. Maryna!!”

Amanda P.

“Maryna is an incredible person with a profound gift as a neurofeedback clinician! She is kind, communicative, and discerning – which makes her practice ideal for anyone who is seeking change in their body/mind/emotions!

I first came to Maryna July of 2016 for anxiety, chronic pain, and depression. After the very first session she asked me how my anxiety was and it was not present at all! I have always had at least a low grade level of anxiety at all times throughout most of my life, and for the first time it wasn’t there…I was so grateful. Of course, this wasn’t a one time fix, it took several months of brain training before my brain held onto the new programming and didn’t slip back into anxiety over the course of a few days. However, over these last 8 months of working together I no longer suffer from anxiety, severe depression, and fatigue. I may get nervous, sad, and tired still but they are now feelings that can come and go with my attention to self care – no longer insurmountable wellsprings that overwhelm me into a puddle. Read more

Marissa M.

“I had the opportunity to learn about neurofeedback last year. I hold a very stressful job and I had problems relaxing and often I felt sort of depressed. I would be pacing around and it was hard to be still standing holding a conversation with people also used my hand to much to express myself. My experience was fascinating when I took my first session of neurofeedback. I felt like a big load was off my shoulders an gradually started felling better about everything including myself as I continued more sessions. The experience of Dr. Yudina and her dedication gave the confidence to continue neurofeedback.”

Genaro C.

“I want to thank Pacific Neurocenter wholeheartedly. Dr. Maryna is an amazing person who is genuinely interested in helping patients. She has been helping me with recovery and it has been phenomenal. I highly recommend neurofeedback and especially the method used at pacific Neurocenter. For patients reading this:Know that you are in good hands and on the way to recovery! Thank you, Pacific Neurocenter and Dr. Maryna!”

Kathy H.

“Neurofeedback has greatly enhanced my life. My service in the military and my tours to Iraq and Africa left me with deep emotional scars. I turned to Alcohol as a way to self medicate and my life began to spiral out of control. I meet Mrs. Maryna Yudina, a NF Provider at Salvation Army’s Neurofeedback clinic in the summer of 2016 shortly after completing rehab. She was great. She sat me down in a nice big comfortable chair and she explained the process. Then when I was ready she placed the electrodes on my head and started the video. I liked Neurofeedback immediately. It was very relaxing, but also entertaining. I would walk out of each session with a huge smile on my face. Read more

Mary W.

“My son started Neurofeedback in Sept. 2016 and it was the best decision my husband and I have ever made. He had ASD and ADHD and has problems academically and socially. We had him on medication for 2 years with no real success. We have had him in ABA therapy for over a year and a half as well, receiving daily behavior therapy. We finally decided to try Neurofeedback. We have done over 30 sessions and I have seen my son “wake up”. He’s more aware of his surroundings, he has better control over his body and can remain controlled and calm much better than ever before. Read more

Candace F.