Pacific Neuro Center | Insurance Questions
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Questions To Ask Your Insurance Company About Neurofeedback Coverage

• Do you cover biofeedback?

If yes, is it under Medical or Psychological Services?

• Will you cover biofeedback for (your symptom)?

• What rate do you pay?

(e.g. 80% of usual and customary vs. 80% of billed amount)

• If it is covered under Medical Services, do I need a prescription or letter from my MD to say it is medically necessary?

Do I need to send the letter before I see the biofeedback therapist or can it go in with the first bill?

• How many sessions of biofeedback will you cover?

Per year?
Before I see the doctor again?

• Is there a limit of total amount paid out?

(e.g., pay for biofeedback only to $1500 in one year or 6 months)

• Do you pay an out-of-network provider?

If so, do I need to see my primary care physician to make a referral to a biofeedback provider?

• What is the licensing requirement of the provider?

• Would it be helpful to have the biofeedback code?

If so, it is 90901 (biofeedback)

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